Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hello crafty friends and followers.  Hope you all had a very nice Christmas.  I have been neglecting my blog recently and really out of touch.  As I was sick and spent a few days in hosp have had to be good a rest up. I have yet to confirm the date for my Memory Album workshop as the operation was postponed till Jan.  I have set the 20th of Jan as a guide but may have to change.  I will post as soon as I know for sure.  Happy New Year to you all and look forward to crafting with you soon again.


  1. Hi Patricia, glad to see you are hanging in there. Wishing you a happy and great 2013. Looking forward to seeing you again and your workshop.

  2. Hi Patricia. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Thinking of you. Aileen xxx

  3. Hi Patricia, Happy New Year to you and all the Family,
    God Bless for 2013
    Hope to see you soon
    Yvonne x