Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Gazebo.  This is a project we have been doing in my Tues class over 2 week and we will finish it tonight.   I bought the templates from CraftsuPrint and just changed it a bit. I embossed all the main parts with a mbossobilities folder and heat embossed the roof bits.  Added a doiley to give it some character.   I hope the girls will add their touch to it too.


DON'T TELL THE BRIDE I am going to be murdered these are a big secret.  These are part of Claire's and Lee's wedding stationary.  I designed both. The top one is her table decorations and they are made using polystyrene ball and 3 different types of material.  Claire made it once I got her organised.  Isn't it just scrummylumptious. The other is her wedding invite the pic doesn't do it justice.  We did this design of card with Yvonne on Sunday(thanks Yvonne shes great she always says to use her designs if we want to)  Don't tell Claire